God damn it Valentine’s Day

Life is complicated, confusing, scary, and all around pretty shitty to go through feeling alone. Oft, to placate this existential loneliness that everyone seems to feel now and again, people turn to love. You find the one you’re meant to be with and everything else gets easier. That is the general consensus on love.

It’s that mode of thinking that makes February dreadful. Yes, I’m talking about the dreaded Valentine’s Day.

Last year, my bestie and I went out for Valentine’s Day. We saw a movie or something like that, in a passive aggressive jab at being single on a stupid day celebrating being in love. The classic single girl move. This year, I vetoed that. Not only does being a cliche single girl on Valentine’s Day make me want to vomit, but the bestie has a man of interest.

So… My new goal is to get them to go out that night. They casually date right now, but if he doesn’t take her out, I will be expected to. I am tired of being her stand in boyfriend. Don’t get me wrong, I love my bestie. She is smart, funny, cute, sweet, but overwhelmingly straight. So, if I can’t even tap that. I don’t want to fake it.

I plan on spending my Friday at home by myself. It sounds lonely, but a night with my dogs and some old movies isn’t too bad.

At worst, there is a guy from the Internet that would like to bang me. Bet I can con him into dinner and then flee. He’s a six. A six is okay for dating, but he would drag down my hit it and quit it score like mad.


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