Questionable Catholic Selfie

Questionable Catholic Selfie

So I got abducted by my mom and her friend to go to Ash Wednesday Mass… What I mean by that is that we snuck in for the last quarter of mass. They did communion and then closed it up. So, essentially, we showed up to get ashes.
I was dying from to keep the laughter in… because
A, we didn’t even get seat, we sat on a marble room divider.
2, My mom and her friend are like bad catholic school girls, whispering and giggling.
D, The priest was Indian (dot not feather). I’m not racist, but there were parts where I couldn’t understand him and I thought did they go back to doing mass in Latin while I’ve been gone? No. I just couldn’t hear through the accent. I was hoping upon hope that at the end of mass he said Thank you, come again. I would have died on the spot of laughter.


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