So, I am off to Vegas on Monday.

I had planned a week of vacation for next week over a month ago… Two months, even. I was just going to hang out in my house and enjoy not being at work, but then opportunity fell in my lap.

We have a family friend that recently moved back to my home state. Her daughter is turning 21. For that momentous day, her mother booked a flight to Vegas. Since her mom recently got a new job, she couldn’t go… And this trip happened to be on my vacation. So I’m going.

Free flight.
Free room.
All I have to do is play nice with the daughter.

She’s nice enough. Psycho, perhaps, and proved, but nice enough. All I have to do is stay on her good side. I think, as a different breed of psycho, I can manage that.

She wants to smoke a lot of pot, do some drugs… Imma drink and have a good time, myself. If she gets arrested, I will call her mom, but that’s about it. I’m just excited to be leaving the state.

Still, I will miss my dogs, and my mom.

When I think about how much I will miss my mom I realized why I haven’t jumped state. I like to pretend that it’s because I can’t afford it, but really, I dunno what I would do without my mom. I’m nervous of going without her. I’ve been out without her, when I went to California to see a friend for a long weekend, but this is new territory. This is going to the City of Sin with a stranger. I’m nervous as hell. But I will have fun regardless. I’ve decided.

I’m also sad to miss my favorite local band opening for Lacuna Coil… Which I was supposed to go to with my bestie. But… Free is free… And if she got the opportunity, she’d go too, even if she can’t see that right now.

Anyways, I am going without any tech… Which will be weird for an Internet junkie like myself… But I think it will be good for me. I recently figured out that I might be giving myself carpal tunnel from my excessive typing… My hand has been killing me for days. So… That will be an adventure, too.


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