My Trip To Vegas

So, I went to Vegas with a crazy person. I don’t mean she was a lot of fun and drank a little to much and that we got into fiascoes that would translate into good stories later. I mean she has no concept of normal behavior, she’s immature, she’s literally addicted to pot, and she babbles about shit I couldn’t care less about. She’s also quick to anger about NOTHING and easily manipulated.

Don’t get me wrong, I had fun. I walked myself into near cripple status, and I got to leave the state, but I will NEVER go on another vacation with that girl again. Highlights include her getting stoned with a guy who’s uncle wanted to rape me (he was like 53) and then banging that guy…. then taking that guy out to dinner at a steakhouse we definitely couldn’t afford… I hated that guy. He wanted to talk about philosophical bullshit. Yeah… change the world… try you drunk, stoned, coked out fuck. You’re not gonna do shit except OD in a hotel room one day…

By the end of the trip I’d honestly had enough. Enough of the random bursts of rage. Enough of her saying nigga, like she’s black. Enough of her telling me about how she needs pot to eat, sleep, and function. Enough of how she wants to work at a dispensary, but move to Hawaii, but go to school, but this and that… Enough of her stupid reality TV. Enough of her inability to make any kind of god damn decision. Enough.

I didn’t like her when I was a kid and she was the kid four years younger than me that I had to play with. Turns out I don’t like adult her, either.

I do like Fat Tuesday… which serves up frozen booze all over Vegas… and I do like sitting pool side and reading.

Next time I go on vacation… my ass is going alone.


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