Depressing Math of the Day

Looked up cost of Gastric Sleeve surgery (weight loss).
They reduce the stomach by 75% and cut out the part that makes you feel hunger.

For insurance to qualify me, I have to go to a physician every week for 6 months to prove that exercise and diet don’t work.
Exercise and diet DO work. That’s not the point.
So that would be $600 in doctor visits… and then the ACTUAL cost of surgery is still $500 on my insurance.

So then I thought about the gym (which I hate so much that if gyms were a race of people, I would launch a mass genocide action against them…
For that to work, I would have to quit having internet to afford the gym fees.
That would also be the only way my junkie butt would have reason to go to the gym… not having internet…

Imma be fat forever.

And yeah… I have an elliptical… and I know how to diet…
But what’s the payoff? Getting to buy new clothes over not eating alfredo and a lot of sweating?
I hate health…

They should have just made a chip to put in my brain that regulates my metabolism to keep me at my ideal BMI.
It’s 2014, god damn it… Flying cars, hover boards, and weight loss brain chips.


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