I Hate Snow…

I live in Denver. If you’re unfamiliar with Denver, we get snow and we have a bunch of crappy drivers. Technically, Fort Collins, way up north, has some of the safest drivers in the union (according to Forbes), but that’s way up north. Only college students and drunks go that far north.

That’s an exaggeration. I am not a typical Colorado suburbanite. I don’t hike, ski, bike, run, snowboard, smoke pot, or enjoy the mountains. I like to sit on my computer, blog, drink a lot of tea, and do crafts. I’m not an outdoor person, I don’t like doing anything in direct sunlight or snow (which is relevant because aside from snow, we also have approx 300 days of sun a year, and I enjoy NONE of that). If I’m outside, it’s usually on a patio at a bar, drinking something with vodka in it and giving into my desire to smoke to escape whoever I’ve gone out with that night. I am a crazy introvert with poor social skills and I’m out of shape as fuck.

This is me.

This is me.

Being this person has consequences. I’m scared to drive in snow, ever since I spun out and careened into a tree… that was six years ago. Every time I meet someone here that I’d like to have some semblance of a relationship with, they want me to join some activity that involves snow or sun. The last boyfriend was really into Frisbee golf, fixed gear biking, and snowboarding. I don’t do any of those, much less do them well.

So I’m back to me. Back to falling somewhere on the asexual scale, and being a hermit, especially in snow. It’s not a terrible existence, but something is lacking. So I throw everything I have into food.

To combat my propensity to binge eat, I’ve been cooking vegan. Mixed results, but things have definitely been worse.

Guess that’s about it.


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