Good Things That Happened In 2014

So I’ve been fairly down, as of late… Let’s focus on some of the better things that happened this year.

  • I spent a week drunk in Vegas. (March)
    • Granted, it was because that’s the only way I could tolerate the crazy bitch that I went there with, but I actually did enjoy getting up every morning and grabbing a 190 Octane from Fat Tusday’s every morning like it was a Starbucks.
  • I didn’t get fired.
    • I live in constant fear of potentially losing my job. Not because I’m bad at it, or a slacker, but just because at some point in my life I probably will have to change my job. That thought scares the piss out of me, so every year I rack up here is a victory in my book.
  • I didn’t get pregnant, arrested, or die.
    • I pride myself on all three of those… but I bet a little more alcohol in Vegas could have done me in.
  • I did figure out that I’m not abnormal for having an aversion to sex, and that even though I’ve had sex I can still fall on the asexual spectrum without shame.
    • I can bang you. I just don’t come up with the idea myself because I don’t care, and I don’t really find it an enjoyable activity.
      • It really is nice to have a name for it now. I feel more normal with the name.
  • I finally got a floor and a door in my basement.
    • So I can finally make it the craft room I’ve been dreaming of. Just need a little more paint and to move some stuff around.
  • I tried out a lot of vegan foods and made the positive life decision to incorporate that into my regular diet.
  • I decided to completely stop worrying about my actual weight and decided to work healthy lifestyle choices into my life, instead. This includes vegan meals and strength training.

That’s… about all I can think of.
It’s not an impressive list, but it’ll do.
I feel slightly less depressed already.


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