New Year’s Eve

So it’s New Year’s Eve!!!

…and I am at home alone.
It’s not because I had nowhere to go, or no one to go out with, or I’m having a fat day, though. I am sick. I’ve been sick for like a week, now. It’s been unpleasant. At first it wasn’t too bad, because it’s just a sinus thing. I have a sore throat, my ears are stuffy, and my nose is occasionally stuffed up when the fluid moves around. So that’s mildly irritating… but, then it gets worse. Now, I have all that, plus if I lay too flat when I sleep I can’t breathe, wake up coughing and sputtering, and whenever I sit up from laying down I get dizzy and nauseous. The other morning, when it happened the first time, I got so nauseous that I threw up all over what I had to wear for work. It was gross. I had to change. So. That is my life.

So what can I say about the year 2014. I accomplished NONE of my resolutions. I didn’t change jobs, move, find a relationship, or lose weight. I pretty much didn’t change at all. Maybe that’s a good thing, I mean, at least I didn’t die, get addicted to heroin, or get pregnant.

I did figure out that I’m asexual this year, and that’s a big thing. THE END OF AN ERA! The era of Slutty Sam is over. That’s definitely a good move. No more trying to convince myself that I just need to find the right partner. I can live happily now knowing that this is just me. Sex does nothing for me. Now the new challenge is finding a guy that I can have a little to no sex with and still have a meaningful relationship with. Yeah, cuz that’s not daunting and terrifying… There are so many guys that wanna go to rock shows with me knowing that they probably won’t get laid. Yeah… Yeah, totally. Still, I don’t feel broken anymore.

I don’t have any resolutions this year. It’s easier not to have that expectation. I am trying to make some good lifestyle choices, though. I’m being vegan for the month of January, picking up an exercise routine that is low cardio, and just keeping on like I’ve been doing… New year, not a new me… but maybe some positive things will happen from just being me.

Anyways… my sick ass is going to bed. Gotta work in the AM.
Yay bed.


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