Dear Coworkers That Don’t Understand Viruses,

The flu shot is not worthless… Let me explain.

Every year, the CDC has to try and ascertain which strain of the flu is going to be the most rampant. Through a myriad of formulas taking into consideration every variable you can think of, population growth, migration, livestock, water sources, etc. the CDC comes down to which strain of the flu that is currently active will infect the most people. This is which strain of the flu you get vaccinated for when you get a flu shot. A lot of work goes into isolating the most likely candidate, and getting the formula right so that the shot is the most effective.

The reason that so many people have the flu this year, in spite of getting a flu shot, is that in true virus form, the flu has mutated. The flu does this *ALL THE DAMN TIME* and that’s why you need a new flu shot every single year. This doesn’t mean that the shot is worthless. It’s the human attempt to get a jump on preventing people getting sick in the first place. It doesn’t guarantee that you won’t get a different strain of the flu.

The flu shot is important and you should get it even if the virus constantly mutates, and I’ll tell you why.
If you have kids, and you don’t get them vaccinated, they could die.
If you’re around elderly people and they don’t get vaccinated, they could die.
The flu isn’t a joke. It’s killed a lot of people over  the course of history. Your immunity is important, not just to you, but to people like me. I can’t get vaccinated. The flu shot always manages to give me the flu. It’s an immune system thing… Also some people are allergic to things in vaccines (organic and not). So people like me, who cannot be vaccinated, rely on the rest of you jackholes to get vaccinated so that we can crutch along on herd immunity.

Now stop being a tard.


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