Briefly: All The Drama

It’s been a hectic time, recently.
Let’s see if I can pull some quick recaps.

Chris the Boomerang stood me up on that Friday. He said he fell asleep when I finally heard from him, but I’d been waiting for like… 2 hours… maybe a little more. I wasn’t going to wait that long, but I was excited and I loved where we were going. It’s the only time in my whole life that I’ve been stood up. It wasn’t a good feeling. I called the bestie in Cali and cried at him on the way to go meet up with my friends. He’s oddly reliable for someone that’s completely out of state and detached from the whole state. I’m very lucky to have him in my life. I didn’t tell Chris to fuck off… instead I told him that I wasn’t mad, but that if he ever stood me up again I’d find him and that it wouldn’t be pretty. He said that was a creepy thing to say. I told him I was creepy, and I haven’t heard from him, since. I like that ending, because I’d rather be crazy than hurt.

Following up on Cali Bestie, the epic guy that moved away and went to law school and was wallowing in sadness over not being able to find a job, he’s got a job! He’s still not quite happy, because he can’t move out of the house he’s in, where he has two roommates and a boyfriend… but things are looking up. I think he’ll feel better just having a job to think about. Money will come. He lives his whole life wanting to be his other best friend, and I live mine wanting to be him. We’re such a pair.

Speaking of money…
Okay, so in 2002 my grandfather died. He had a wife, and she and her kids kinda picked the carcass clean, as far as things that were his that should be given to his blood-related family. It was a big mess, and Mom stopped talking to them, and it’s been a big horrible thing as the family slowly deteriorated and fell apart like a sweater eaten by moths. But, a few month back, the wife died. I liked her well enough. She was never bad to me, or anything, so it was a little sad, but now we’re getting down to the will. My aunt’s inheritance is larger than my mother’s, which is last jab at my mom for detaching from the family when her father died, which is a low fucking blow. My aunt’s inheritance can’t be touched. When she turns 60 it’ll be paid out over the course of 10 years. So, essentially, they’re just hoping that she’ll die before gets to use it. That’s shit. My uncle’s inheritance SHOULD go to his kids, because he died a while back… but whether they will get that, we aren’t sure. My inheritance is minimal. I guess I’m getting a couple rings, which don’t really mean anything to me, since they weren’t my grandfather’s, and 1/200th of the estate. I don’t much care about the estate, or inheritance. But the whole thing with the blood relative kids of my grandfather is bullshit… and it’s been hard.

Last Friday I went to a 90% show alone. Strangely, I ran into someone I knew. I went to Girl Scouts all throughout high school with this girl. Nice girl. She was wasted. I was sad. So then I was a little wasted. She hooked up with some guy, and I dangerously drove myself home. That has to stop. We have mad crazy DUI laws here, and driving any kind of impaired can ruin your life. I gotta stop drinking my feelings when I’m out… or learn to take a cab.

And I guess that’s about it.

I’m sad today because I can’t afford to live how I want… but I’m doing ok. Working on getting out of debt and back into college. Slow-going. But that’s life.


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