Space Ace

Poly Parties

So, I have an eclectic group of friends. They range in ages, sexualities, economic statuses, ethnicities, and personality types. One particularly interesting clique I associate with is a group of poly-amorous people. Poly people are SO FASCINATING, for a couple of reasons. First of all, I’m not poly anything. I’m a strictly monogamous person, because I’m crazy psycho jealous… so seeing people effectively carry on multiple romantic relationships is like observing alien behavior. Second, there’s the sexual aspect. Now, there are poly people that only have multiple romantic relationships, but this group tend to also incorporate multiple sexual relationships. I find that terribly interesting, because, again, I get crazy wicked jealous. So whenever these poly people have a party, I love going.

This time around is going be strange but fun, though. They haven’t had a poly party since I… realized… that I’m Meh-Sexual.

Meh-Sexual is the word I’ve adopted to accurately describe my sexuality, because I’m tired of people telling me that asexual means I reproduce by budding or mitosis. Meh-Sexual is not the same as Nah-Sexual. I’m sex neutral, meaning I might have sex with you, so I use meh. It’s not like… an interesting activity for me. I have friends that don’t have sex at all, so they are Nah-Sexual. I have yet to come up with better terms for the rest of the types of Aces. Working on it.

At previous parties, my instinct is to drink until I make poor life choices. It just seemed the thing to do, being surrounded by people that totally embrace a sexual lifestyle and all. The drinking made the awkward feeling go away. This time, I think I’ll do it differently.

I’ve taken the initiative to invite my friend that “gets” my asexuality. I dunno that she understands the whole thing, but she totally accepts it without question, and I love that about her. She’s also in a committed, strictly monogamous relationship. So I figure she and I could have a lot of fun being spectators. Since she will be with me, maybe I won’t drink until I throw respect for myself out the window, and then I won’t make poor life choices. That’s the plan.

I say poor life choices, but let me be clear… these people aren’t really pushy about sex. Yeah, they’ll ask if I wanna go hook up somewhere, and they get naked a lot (all of them)… but they’ve never badgered me into anything. The people I’ve hooked up with were nice enough. Nothing got weird later. Nothing got anything later. It was just something that happened. I enjoy the relaxed view of sex, even if I don’t want to actively participate in it. The poor life choice is that I did things just because I thought it was the thing to do, instead of doing it because I wanted to. That’s poor choices on MY end.

Anyways, I’m super excited to go. They’re always such fun parties. This one is to try and help raise some money for my friend that got hit by a drunk driver. Her car got totaled. Attractions, besides watching people get weird, include a kissing book, Thai yoga massage, bobbing for dildos (I’m so doing this), pin the tail on the bottom, sugar skull face painting, naked twister (which I will NOT be doing, but might watch), and something about claws… maybe a food item? I can’t wait to find out.

I’m thinking of bringing a sketch books and offering to do some quick caricatures to help out… I have to practice that style of drawing first, though… drawing with a marker can be tricky. I could just bring it and hand out doodles for a buck, I guess. Try to help and whatnot. ^_^ I dunno.

Anyways… I’m excited… and I’m excited to be going as an Ace.


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