So I’ve decided to be pescatarian, now.

No, it’s not because I think that I’m better than anyone, need a new fad diet, or anything like that.
Cows are cute. Chickens are dirty, gross animals. Pigs are amazingly cute. Lambs, elk, etc… cute land creatures.
So I don’t want to eat them. I mean… I do, but I feel SO BAD ABOUT IT.
I already don’t eat eggs or drink milk.
I’m working on giving up cheese.

I don’t really sympathize with fish.
Fish markets freak me out, but at the end of the day I’d go to one and pick me out a fish for dinner.
So I settled on fish.
I’ve been trying to limit my meat intake anyways, for health reasons.
While fish isn’t really BETTER than land meat, it comes with less guilt for me.
Also, because of where I live, fish can be quite pricey, which limits how often I can have fish and in what quantity.

I’m excited to be doing this.
This is important to me.

Maybe it’s not as good as being vegan.
Maybe swapping eggs and milk for sea life isn’t interchangeable on the morality scale.
Maybe I’m going to fail.
Maybe in the future I can kick the fish and just be vegan.

I dunno, but I do know that I’m losing weight, feel better, and I’m excited…

And that’s not bad for a start.


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