Life Update

Let’s start with the diet.

I am NOT doing overwhelmingly well with being Pescatarian. I totally didn’t anticipate how hard it actually is. I mean, I love fish. LOVE LOVE LOVE fish, but in recent years, my main meat consumption has flitted over to pork. Fish in Colorado is kinda pricey… Pork is not. So going out has been very hard… and I just… haven’t kept to it.

I have failed at being a pescatarian.
But, I have succeeded at reducing my overall meat intake, including fish. I eat primarily non-meat meals, at this point, which is something I’ve realized over the past couple of months. I’m just more interested in grains and veg, now. I also cook more often, and when I cook I don’t use much meat or animal products. It’s just going out that kills me.

I love Chipotle. At Chipotle I can get sofritas, and they are delicious.
But… I really like Chipotle steak. So, while I’ve been trying to get sofritas, and enjoy them, I slip and get steak. Then I feel kinda bad, but mostly I’m impressed that I’ve stopped Chipotle binging. Chipotle binging is a big thing for me. I’m notorious for going there and getting three orders of food with double everything on them all, then going home and eating it, feeling VERY sick, and maybe making myself throw up to relieve the discomfort.

Since changing up my diet, I’m eating ALL THE TIME. I’m eating right now, as I type this. Perpetually eating is different than binging, though. I’m constantly munching: an apple, a handful of trail mix, a handful of chips, part of a PayDay, three cucumbers… whatever. What I’m not doing is eating ALL of whatever I’m munching on unless it’s tasty meal time. Even at meals my portions are smaller, though. It was that I would, at minimum, eat a double meat bowl at Chipotle… now I’m down to an order of soft tacos filled mostly with salsa… I was eating 2-3 giant servings (of 2-3 cups per serving) of pasta at home, and now I’m having about a cup worth of food, and calling it good.

So, maybe I failed at being pescatarian. I will continue to try to change my diet further, but in the meantime I revel in the changes I’ve managed… Also, I’ve lost 8 lbs this month, so THAT is worth some celebration.

In other news, I had two very good dates, recently. I won’t be calling that guy back, though. While he seemed to have fun and everything, it seems to me that he just enjoyed being out with people, not being out with me. I know that sounds narcissistic and selfish as hell, but what’s the point of the date if he’s enjoying everything except my company? He can find things to do in Denver on his own.

I’ve also grown annoyed with the fact he’s still unemployed, but sits at home smoking weed. I get that we live in Colorado, and it’s legal here. I get that at some point I might have to compromise on my no pot preference if I’m to find someone in this state, but I’d at least like them to be a working stoner.

I don’t have time for people that still trying to find themselves in their late 20s or early 30s. I don’t have time for people that like to flutter in the wind. I have a life. I have me. I have bills. I have interests. I have things to do. I’m glad that other people have time to be essentially worthless, but I don’t care to associate with those people.

Other than that… nothing new to report… Been working on learning to draw better portraits… and… yeah. That’s it.


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