Blood Tests & Boys

My doctor’s appointment went well.
I like when doctors believe you. A lot of the time, doctor’s don’t believe you. They also don’t listen to you. It’s not their fault. People are liars and ramble a lot (trust me… I ramble a lot). It does get frustrating, though, to know that whatever you’re saying to a medical professional is going in one ear and right out the other.But, my doctor believed me and agrees that no one should become physically ill after eating EVERY SINGLE TIME.

She asked me why, if this has been happening my whole life, why it’s only now that I was thinking about it. I had to explain that it’s just what happens in my family, and that I only came in my because my mother read an article on coeliac and thought I should get it looked into. It seriously just didn’t seem like a thing until my mom was like, “you should probably get that looked at…” Doc laughed at that. I guess other people don’t have that kind of response.

So she pulled a bunch of blood, and she’s running the coeliac disease test, as well as a food allergy panel just to see. I didn’t know you could test for food allergies with a blood draw… that’s kinda neat. I really didn’t wanna do a skin prick test. They look painful. In the meantime, though, she gave me a script for something that will help keep me from getting so sick when I eat… which is nice. I can take it when I’m out with people and be able to eat.

In other news, my date cancelled on me. He’s tied up at work, I guess. As a result, I haven’t even left work. I’m just sitting here at my computer, writing this, instead of going home. I’m kind of depressed about it. I don’t know why.

I supposed it could just be the bipolar acting up, because I am irrationally sad. Or maybe I’m a little stressed out wondering what’s wrong with my gastrointestinal system. Or maybe I am just this bummed about not having plans tonight. I wish I could say for sure. I’m never sure what my emotion stem from. All seems random to me.

Anyways… thinking of starting a vlog on YouTube… Not 100% sure what I’d talk about, though. More on that later.


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