Okay Date

So, in spite of my reservations about my date last night, I had a fantastic time.

We started at the Denver Beer Company, because I love beer and he had no idea where to go. I got there first and managed to snag two seats at the bar. The place was packed. I immediately regretted wanting to bring what I assumed was an extreme introvert to such a busy place.

When he walked in I made a snap judgement about him based on his appearance. He is very tall, kinda heavy, and he was wearing a “Lion King on Broadway” shirt. I liked Lion King on Broadway. I would not wear the shirt. That’s me. I think it’s a little dorky. So I was like… Okay, so he’s a nerd, but at least I have a reason to be out. He also wears glasses, and had a very red papule, that he had obviously tried to deal with fairly recently, on his forehead.

I was a little annoyed because I had told him where to park. Parking in that area is fucked, and so I had specifically told him where to park. He ended up parking there, but simply because he happened upon it. I really hate when people don’t listen to me… BUT THAT’S NOT ALL. He has a voided Arizona ID, and paperwork for a Colorado ID. He was weary of going to bars because he didn’t think they would take his voided ID. I told him that if he had his long ass paper slip from the DMV to go with his voided ID, he would be fine. He did not bring that slip. He left it in his car.
Soooooo…. that kind of annoyed me….

I sat and had two beers while we talked, though. I wasn’t about to pass up the new Double IPA and the Princess Yum Yum that tasted like raspberry awesome. He didn’t really seem to mind, but he also agreed to go get his paperwork when I suggested going to another bar. So… that was better.

We crossed the Platte at my favorite place, which is the Highland Bridge. I like it because in the middle you can see right up the river with Elitches in the background. It’s like a post card.
Because of all rain we’ve been having (pseudo-monsoon season!), the water was crazy high, and I had to marvel at it.
He was like, “Can you swim in that?” And I was like, “Bruh, you don’t swim in the Platte. That water is nasty.”

We walked through the park. I thought it would be cool to show him Echo Point, which is this thing a physicist made on top of a hill. There are no walls, but with the use of physics and marble this guy managed to make a spot on the top of a hill, where you stand in the middle and talk and it echos at you. I think it’s cool. That part of the park was closed, though. Instead, we ended up walking past a grotesque looking group of unwashed hippies smoking pot. Seriously, they were the color of clay, wreaked of BO, and less than half of them seemed to own shoes. When I say they were nasty, grungy hippies, I mean it. They were probably very nice people, don’t get me wrong, but I value hygiene.

He marveled at how people in Colorado can just sit in a park and smoke pot in a park. Technically, you’re not supposed to smoke pot in public, but it’s not like anyone around here does anything about it. We briefly discussed that neither of us smoke pot. I like that in a man… I am not a fan of stoners. I find them infuriating to talk to.

On the other side of the park is the crossover to Union Station. I love that bridge. It’s got a giant pole thing in the middle that looks like something that should be on the front of an old boat. It’s just a weird novelty. I like the tracks underneath, myself. We both agreed not to take the stairs, because we are not those people. Then we sauntered down 16th St Mall a bit. I was hungry, so we stopped for Chipotle, my favorite.

Food conversation was mainly about the Alien series.

After that we went to the Rio and had a Martguerita before backtracking back toward the cars.

I realized that once again I was going to pass Ste Ellie. Ste Ellie looks like a door with a menu on it leading to stairs. I’ve showed it a lot of people, because it popped up just a few years ago. I noticed it because it was next Paris. No one ever wanted to go down there with me. I guess it’s because all we ever saw of it was Persian (no really, just Persian) men coming out with attractive women. It does seem odd.

Instead of waving it off, he wanted to go in. I was surprised, but pleasantly. I was also surprised because we walked into a very posh underground bar. There were no Persian men, but a very nice bartender with a very nice drink menu. I was in shock. It was so pretty. So we had a drink and laughed about what could have been down there (like a weird cult meeting or a Persian mob club). It was enjoyable.

So overall I had a good evening. I was pleasantly surprised.
Will this go anywhere? I dunno. Does it really matter, though? I had fun. That’s all that really matters.

Anyways. That’s it.


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