So I’m still on Slim Fast. I think I’ve lost the same 5 lbs like 3 times now, though. I have this problem where I do great during the week and then ruin everything on the weekend. I’m trying to think of ways to be out of the house more on the weekend to reduce the amount of time I have to graze….

In other news, I ran into my ex on Saturday… The ex. Mike.
I still want to drag him into the street, shoot him, watch him bleed out, and when he’s just barely alive, kick him in the gunshot wound so his last moment of life is agony. He’s a fuckwad and I hate him, and I feel no remorse about wishing he would die.
Anyways, we didn’t interact or anything… but it shook me a tad.

I went to the Art Museum with Billie and her mom. I’d never met her mom before, and she’s definitely the kind of woman that would give birth to my hippie. Lol. Nice woman, but not dealing well with the fact Billie is moving to Oregon in 2 weeks. I just found out the night before, but it’s for a big promotion so I just congratulated her. Billie’s mom was less understanding, but it’s just because she’s so attached to Billie.

Anyways, before we walked around the museum we went to lunch at some little mexican place, and we passed Mike on the street. I froze and just stared him down like a psychopath. He double-taked me, so I know he saw me… I tripped out about it at the time.

I still hate him so much… I dunno why. I feel like he ruined my life and he should be punished for that… even though I know that after we broke up he got tortured by a drug dealer with a blow torch. It was bad… I still want more… I was really mad about this for a few days… but I’ve calmed down now.


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