Living In The Future

So I’ve been stressed out at work and home, and generally errywurr. So much, in fact, that I was under the impression that Saturday was the 12th… for about 4 days. Thursday through Saturday…. I was definitely convinced that it was the week of the 7th already.
SPOILER ALERT: There are still no flying cars in the upcoming week.

So Saturday rolls around… Mothership and I are exhausted, and since I think it’s the 12th, even though it’s clearly the 5th, we drag ass up in the early evening to get ready to go downtown to see Jeff Foxworthy. Fortunately, before we left for the train, Mothership checked the tickets and actually knew what day it was. So she started laughing, and when I got back to her place to leave, she told me. Isn’t that funny!? No. No it’s not. I started bawling.

I know it seems over dramatic to cry over a show being the next weekend. It’s not like we missed it. The problem is that we could have missed it. We could very easily have missed it, because we’ve missed shit before. A few years ago, Mothership got tickets to the Blue Man Group, and we fucking missed it… She was exhausted and screwed up the dates, and I still carry around a weird depression about that in my chest. Whenever I think about it I just want to cry. Not because I really love the Blue Man Group, but because it was something I missed out on with mom, that she threw down a lot of money for. I still try to see if I can catch tickets when they get close to us. I’m hell bent on trying to makeup for that terrible mistake. So, when I realized that I almost fucked it all up all over again, I just lost it.

Mom feels bad about that. She knows I’m stressed out. She knows that not being able to utilize my house is also kind of killing me. She hates that I’m so tired an anxious at such a young age… I’m 26. I should be able to keep track of a date, for fuck sake. So, she told me to relax and took me to a movie. Then she felt bad about that, because we went to see A Walk In The Woods with Robert Redford and Nick Nolte…. and I was the youngest person in there by like a score. It was a good movie, though, and once I settled down I felt mostly okay about living in the future. At least I didn’t MISS IT.


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