Nihilism & Upcoming New Year Thoughts


It’s always a weird day when you discover that you fit into a category.

I was reading through this blog. Highlights from this year include a post called “I Bashed My Face Into A Bookcase” where I detail how I met a really nice trans girl that I brought home, and how my wasted ass knocked myself out tripping over a dog, as well as a myriad of posts about how I was depressed and everything was awful, and how maybe I should go ahead and kill myself.

The year didn’t even START good. Jan 1st I’m spiralled out into a horrible depression. Then it got worse.

So what the hell is 2016 supposed to be?

The year I turn it all around? The year I actually lose the weight? The year everything falls into place?

Why. Why would that be what happens.
I’m not using question marks because I’m not actually asking.

So I just decided.
It’s the year I embrace Nihilism.

Life is meaningless. I’ve thought that for a long time, now.
So if life is meaningless I’m gonna stop taking it so fucking seriously.
I said I’d do two things this year: Veganuary & take up hiking.
Aside from that… I’m just gonna let everything the fuck go.
And maybe learn to bake single batch cookies… just because I get sick of buying cookies that go to waste since I only eat sweets like once every 3 months. I just want ONE hot, gooey, cookie.

Not doing anything for NYE, btdubz, cuz I have to work that day and the next, and that weekend… so… whatever.


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