Christmas In Reality

I know I was crazy down on Christmas. It’s a really real feeling I had…

But it wasn’t bad.

I got up. I made an apple braid for breakfast. I took my presents over to mom’s with the apple braid, and we opened things. I got a bunch of neat stuff including a snow broom, a duster set, and an Ethiopian opal ring with matching earrings. Mom liked her router, coloring book, and Jerry Clower DVD. We watched the DVD, ate the apple braid, and then went to see Daddy’s Home.

I thought Daddy’s Home might make me sad. It’s about two guys trying to fight over who is the better dad for these kids. As you prolly know, I have many unresolved daddy issues. It was funny, though. I really enjoyed it.

It made Mom a little sad, though. She remembered how I used to wait for Dad to show up and he wouldn’t and I’d be heartbroken. And then there was the time that I asked my dad to go with me to a Father-Daughter Dance and he didn’t want to go… and my grandad was miffed because that was HIS thing… and he ended up going with me, like always… but it made mom sad because she remembered all that. She was also expecting that I might be sad afterward.

We came home and watch The Grinch Who Stole Christmas,  Saved!, and just random stuff. We ate snow crab and shrimp. We ate MORE apple braid. It was relaxing. It was nice.

I was thankful for not having all the familial drama other people often have during holidays. I even made mom listen to Rev. Horton Heat singing Frosty The Snowman.

Saturday I took Kyrie to the vet again. You see, she bashed an eye a while back, then it got infected, so I threw down money to get that fixed, but then it turned out she’s got glaucoma. So, then I had to get glaucoma drops, which you can only get from a people pharmacy at cash price, cuz they don’t let you put dogs on your insurance. Well, I took her back for a recheck, and while they did lower the pressure from 80 something to 60 something, normal pressure is 20ish… So… she’s prolly not going to get her vision back in that eye.

She doesn’t seem to be hurting, though. She doesn’t fuck with it or anything. Still, I will probably have the eye removed. I know that sounds awful, but she’s already blind in it. All that will happen from here is me throwing down $100/mo for the drops until such a time they fail and the eye causes her pain, at which point she’d have to have the eye taken out anyways. I’d rather do the most cost efficient thing, as well as address the eye while it DOES NOT hurt. I don’t want to drag it out like that. I don’t think that’s fair. It’s like leaving a tumor until it’s ruined an organ… why wait that long if you don’t have to?

After the vet I went to lunch with Cali Bestie. He’s in for Christmas. We had a lovely day. We went to Michael’s, TJ Max, JC Penny, Yankee Candle… just hung out at the mall, really. It was like old times in college.

Then I got real tired. My body ached. It was awful. So I went to bed early.

This morning I got up and I looked like crap. I have these dark circles under my eyes, and my eye burned all day. I put on moisturizer and eye cream, and doused my eyes with red-eye drops, but it didn’t really improve over the course of the day.

I dunno what that was about.

Anyways. That was Christmas weekend. Not real eventful, but good.


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