I Quit Smoking

I accidentally quit smoking.

That’s not usually the kind of thing that happens on accident. It just happened, though. I don’t smoke unless I go out, and since having gone to the ER I haven’t really gone out. So it’s been over a month. I don’t feel the need to buy them anymore.

I noticed this because my receptionist at work is dying attempting to quit smoking. I hear that’s what the process is supposed to be like, but I guess I lucked out.

I don’t really have any good updates right now; I just wanted to write.

I’m kind of sick, and I hate everything today.
Mom actually gave me the option to stay home, but Keagan had shit in the dining room and I was still mad about it. Also, I had a lot of work to get done today… but now I’m losing steam and I decided to blog instead.

I finally bought THE AMAZING BOOK IS NOT ON FIRE and I even got the audio book, too. So I’ve been listening to that. I love Dan & Phil.

I also got Shane Dawson’s I HATE MY SELFIE, because I love Shane, too. Can’t wait to listen to that one.

This entry got boring.

Maybe I’ll start doing these via video. I always wanted to be a YouTuber, but no confidence to actually try it. At least if no one watches my vids here, that’s about as usual as the number of people that read this blog.

If you DO read this blog, I appreciate you.

And if you don’t… I still love screaming into the void.


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