25 Random Facts About Me

I was at a loss for what to write today… so, like a n00b, I googles some blog prompts…
This is the one I picked. Enjoy. (Just trying to write more consistently…)

  1. I am half Mexican and half…. my mom calls us WT (white trash)
    • I am the palest half-breed Mexican you will ever see in your life… I pretty much glow in the dark
    • White trash is a mix of German, Cuban, Black Foot Native American, and another kind of Native American that I always forget but shouldn’t forget
  2. My favorite Disney villain is Ursula from The Little Mermaid
    • She’s a Cecaelia, and she’s heavy… and if I were a sea witch I’d be both those things, too
  3. I know all the words to several musicals
    • Including but not limited to Little Shop of Horrors, Grease, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Chicago, every Disney movie from before 2000…
  4. My full mental illness diagnosis is “Bipolar I Sociopath with potential Narcissistic traits, no attachment to humans but strong connection to animals, prevalent auditory hallucinations, sporadic visual hallucinations, dissociative states including fugue, impulse control deficiency heightened by anxiety attacks that trigger manic episodes that may include kleptomania, binge drinking, uncontrolled spending, and an increased penchant for dangerous behaviors.
    • Taken directly from my chart
    • Pretty sure half of that is actually just describing the base of BP I & Sociopathy
      • Why do they list it like that?
  5. I love video games, but I’m not actually very good at them
    • It takes me forever to finish a video game, assuming I do at all
      • Like 90% of the video games I own are not finished
      • I also tend to start over sporadically
  6. I am super addicted to caffeine
    • I’ve been known to kill 4 Monsters in a day, then go drink espresso all night, and somewhere in there drink a bunch of Coca Cola and high caffeine black tea
  7. I have four dogs and a cat
    • Keagan – Corgi, Husky, German Shepherd, Chow – 14
    • Kyrie – German Shepherd, Shar Pei, Chow – 9
    • Kira – Queensland Heeler, Hound – 3
    • Bdo – Sad, Inbred Chihuahua – 3
    • Kato – Tortie Cat – 7
  8. I have like 12 aliases that I use when I talk to people
  9. I’ve been single since 2012
    • I had to do math on this… because I didn’t remember… but I didn’t get Kira and Bdo till after the breakup
  10. I am asexual and aromantic
    • And sometimes I feel agender, but not enough to identify that way
  11. If I had my way I’d be androgynous all the time
    • It makes my mom uncomfortable when I dress that way for work, so I don’t do it at work
  12. I work with my mother
  13. I live next door to my mother
  14. In spite of that, I don’t actually see my mom that much outside of carpooling to work with her
  15. I have an aunt without a first name
    • My grandmother on my dad’s side had a name picked out, but her friend had a baby right before she did and stole the name, so my aunt’s birth certificate says “BABY GIRL” with a middle and last name
      • We call her by her middle name, except my grandmother who calls her Baby Girl
  16. I don’t know my blood type
    • I keep meaning to donate blood so I can find out, but I just never get around to it in my free time
  17. I don’t shave regularly
    • Like anything… legs, vag, nothing…
  18. I’ve been to Costa Rica, Spain, France, and the Caribbean
  19. I don’t talk to most of my family
  20. I love horror everything
    • movies, music, comics, novels, everything
  21. I always wanted to anything except white
    • As much as I love being pale, I always wanted to be anything other than white…
  22. It’s taken me all day to write this blog
    • I don’t find myself very interesting, so I didn’t know what to say
  23. If it were possible to achieve the singularity, I’d do it
  24. I would also become immortal if it was possible
  25. I kind of think that I’m the center of the universe, and none of you probably exist

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