Why Women Aren’t Equal To Men Yet

I try to stay out of politics… but I have thoughts.

I like feminism.
I like equality.
I like women’s rights.
I like destruction of the long-standing patriarchy as a way to free men AND women from the stigmas placed on us by society, thus allowing everyone to express all aspects of their personality instead of burying pieces so as to live up to your genital standard.

That being said, there will always be downsides to any movement.

First, there are the women that don’t think they want or need feminism.
Reasons include: “Everything is fine.” “I don’t want to live up to the standards of a man.” “I really like being a housewife.” “Men SHOULD be in charge.” “I have never been discriminated against for being a woman.”
Rebuttal: No it’s not. You already have to. There are feminist housewives. Historically, no they should not. Yes you have.

Look, I get it. I wanted to be a housewife as a kid, too. My mom still wants me to find someone with money and a good career, marry them, and not have to worry about being a woman in the workforce. Do you know WHY she wants that for me, though? Because it is so motherfucking hard to be a single woman in the world, trying to get ahead in the workforce, especially when you don’t come from money to start with.

I’ve been at the same place for 10 years. I love where I work. My boss is great. The person over me at corporate… not as great. My current general manager… not as great, but getting better. It’s only recently that I’ve realized a few of the problems I’ve had getting things done around here is because some people would rather speak to a man. Even if I know more than that man. It’s infuriating as shit, but I just keep overachieving. They can try to ignore me, but when push comes to shove… I’m going to out-perform most anyone… so they can’t ignore me forever.

Also irritating about branches of feminism is the sect of women that want to simultaneously be treated like a princess and an equal.

I know that when you find a man that loves you, the ideal is for them to make you feel like a princess… but if you’re not coming with a dowry and a kingdom, you ain’t no princess. I can get behind liking a guy that treats you well. Opening doors, giving up seats, insisting you go first, pulling out chairs for you, maybe catching the bill once in a while, buying you little gifts to remind you they’re thinking of you: it’s nice shit for ANYONE to do FOR ANYONE. I do all of that all kinds of people…. because I am a decent human being trying to be a nice person in the world.
Don’t tell anyone. I have a reputation to maintain.Also, none of that shit is chivalry. That’s a word people throw around, and treating women well was not the main focus of that movement. Chivalry is predominantly about fighting etiquette… like a paragraph mentions to treat women nice, and the rest is fighting etiquette. So unless you’re challenging your man to a fucking duel, don’t take to me about chivalry.

This ties into the women that think they are SUPERIOR to men. Now, don’t get me wrong… I think I’m better than EVERYONE… but women aren’t better than men. Equal, sure. Better? Not really.

Do you know why we aren’t better than men? This map.

Now… the blue countries have a higher male birth rate. The greens are equal. Gray has no data. You know what pinks are? Countries where females out populate males.

So what does this map tell me?
That even though women outnumber men in a LOT of countries, they don’t rise up and take what they want. That’s why we can’t be superior to men, ladies. Even with the population advantage, we can’t rally enough women to overthrow the patriarchy.

Between women that have been broken by men, women that don’t think they need to break the patriarchy, and women that are just lazy… our numbers literally mean nothing.

If women outnumber men in the United States, WHY ARE WE FIGHTING FOR OUR OWN HEALTH RIGHTS?! Because not enough of us care. It would just take some organization… and we could fix all this equality shit. With enough motivation a female rebel leader could come to rule the First World… but NOOOOOO… there’s too many women wanting to be princesses instead of warriors, and women that don’t even know their own worth. We are LITERALLY being held down by brainwash.

I’m not saying women should overthrow the patriarchy and replace it with a system that makes men subservient to women for a few thousand years… But I’m saying we couldn’t even if we wanted to because not enough of us can get behind the idea.

For men it’s a naturally ingrained thing they’re raised with. Even the lowliest of nerds has a Slave Leia fantasy…
For women, we struggle with how we can be, versus how we want to be, versus how we want to be, versus how society will accept us… We don’t even have time to think about things like men being the inferior gender.

Anyways… this whole post was because I found that map… and I’m like REALLY WOMEN?! REALLY?! WE CAN’T PULL THIS OFF?!

So yeah… let’s try to get this shit together, women. I’d like to be the rebel leader that becomes a female dictator, god damn it.


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