Cake, PropHunt, & Other Time Wasters

So I made a cake. Like, successfully.

If you’re unaware, btw, I have a blog just about shit I do that makes me happy. It’s called 300 Days of Sunshine. Only got two entries… but one is a cake recipe! So… go check it out.

I’m pretty good at cooking, but baking has always been another world for me.. It’s an EXACT science… I’m more into vague, shifty sciences… like art and cooking by taste. So, pulling off a cake was really important to me. I’m excited to learn to bake more things!

The cake itself was really good. Not too sweet. Tasted like Earl Grey. I didn’t make the icing or glaze for it… so I just drizzled Agave Nectar on it. Which tastes mostly like honey. So it was like a cup of tea, in a cake! I love it. Honestly, it tastes a little muffin-y, though. I don’t know if that’s a defect with my method, or if the recipe legit is supposed to taste that way… but it’s still really tasty, and I’m still really proud of me.

In other news, I keep trying to get people to download Garry’s Mod and play PropHunt with me. It’s a pretty old game, so I’m late to the show (2006 release), but it’s pretty neat to play on. Garry’s Mod is an open world sandbox game with no objectives, enemies, or goals. It’s just a lot of maps, some characters, and some weapons/vehicles/other junk. Essentially you can do anything! And all the add-ons are free! So you can download all these maps other people made for it, and random NPCs like Tellitubbies and Fry from Futurama, and all kinds of stuff. It’s pretty neat for a random space for you and your gamer friends to just run around in. There’s also game modes, though, like MURDER, where one of you is a murderer and try to kill everyone without anyone figuring out you’re the murderer.

One of the popular game modes I’ve seen on YouTube is PropHunt. It’s a hide-and-seek game where there are two teams… Hunters & Props. The Props get 30 secs to wander the map and find a prop (objects around the map that are movable) and they clone it. Then they have to hide and not get shot by the Hunters that wander the map looking for them. It’s pretty awesome. There’s taunts for luring Hunters to your area, all kinds of maps, and all kinds of things you can add in. I think it looks really fun. My friends don’t really wanna play with me, though… So… I’m ending up playing alone a lot, or trying to get in on a multiplayer with strangers… who are far superior gamers to me.

I also bought a new video game… INJUSTICE: Gods Among Us. I dunno why I bought it, aside from it being $20 at Target. I HAVE SO MANY GAMES!!! FOR SO MANY SYSTEMS!!! And I have finished one of them… I just… I like playing, but I really wish I had someone to play with. They’re just a distraction from being kinda lonely, at this point.

I’m still mad about the SupaNerd that chucked me to the curb. He seemed so nice. He liked hanging out with me.

I’m talking to a new guy. Not a nerd… Music enthusiast, and generally NORMAL kind of person. I prefer nerds, but he doesn’t seem to mind that I’m a MegaGeek. We are supposed to meet on Thursday for a beer. We’ll see how that works out. As shallow as it is, I’m a little worried about the fact he’s in a chair. Not that I have anything against it, but my life isn’t really chair-accessible. My house is a tri-level. I have four dogs and a cat. My favorite hobby is to jump around at a metal show. AND I recently took up hiking. So… I dunno if that’s gonna be a problem if this kinda half-ass works out. I guess we’ll see.

I still can’t draw. I keep trying and I can’t get in the mindset. I just end up mad at whatever I’m putting down… can’t think of what I even want the scene to look like… So… that’s been annoying…

But I went to the museum with Mothership and Cat yesterday. That was fun. We saw the chocolate exhibit, and walked around, saw an IMAX 3D on the ocean, and saw a planetarium show (which was mediocre at best, but Mothership sat next to a guy that may or may not have been dead… so that was neat). It’s been kind of nice to have excursions on the weekend.

The VVitch was not a great movie, btw. Too many unanswered questions, not enough plot development, not enough character development. I feel like it would make a better book, so that you have the room to explore all the questions I had.

Thinking of writing the book myself, actually. If I ever have the time to be inspired.


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