General Update & Review of The VVitch.

Be sure to pop over to my 300 Days of Sunshine Blog for my review of The VVitch!

I’m actually debating if my first YouTube video should be my review of The VVitch. I keep thinking that I’ll think of something amazing to do for my YouTube channel, but prolly not. It’s prolly just gonna be me, doing random shit and complaining about stuff….

I’m supposed to have a date tonight. I dunno if he’s really gonna confirm or not… I don’t even know if I really wanna go. He seems really nice, but we don’t actually seem to have that much in common. All my interests are things he USED to do… like in high school. My current personality is literally “TEENAGE BOY.” That’s prolly off-putting to point out… Lol. My friend in Australia says I’m an Android, and that’s why I’m this way… so NOT the female cookie cutter that we’ve come to know and kinda love-hate.

I’m still miffed at SupaNerd. He texted me, though… Finally. Prior to that he hadn’t sent a text my way since Feb 9th, and aside from calling him out, I hadn’t heard from him. I can’t figure him out. Michael, the AU friend, says that he’s just looking for sex… but I feel like if that were the case he’d have tried something… and he definitely did not. I thought maybe he’s just busy moving his geriatric father out here, but I can’t really confirm that it’s eating up much of his time. I just don’t get him, and that bothers me. I don’t usually have to guess at the motivations of people. It’s jarring as fuck. I dunno if I should be mad at him or not.

Everyone at work is spooked… The Mad Russian may be on his way out. He bought a getaway car. That’s never good in the car biz. A bunch of people are buying them. We’re all a bit worried about that. Yeah, there are people I dislike here, but the known is always better than the unknown… You never know who will end up working here if people leave. At least I know these people and their games. Yeah, business is incredibly bad right now, but it’s bad all over. It’s just that time of year. It’ll pick up and it will be hellish. Still… it’s concerning.

Nothing else particularly interesting is happening in my life. Lots of watching Markiplier on YouTube… that’s about it.


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