Eye Enucleation

A while back my baby, Kyrie Bear, suffered eye trauma. I thought it was an eye infection, but it was trauma… she smacked it on something, I guess. Unbeknownst to me, trauma can cause glaucoma. How she smacked it hard enough to cause that, I dunno. She has such deep-set eyes.


Kyrie (seen here wearing a shirt only because she wouldn’t stop licking her leg) is a 10 year old German Shepherd, Chow Chow, Shar Pei mix that I picked up from the Dumb Friends League roughly nine years ago. She is blissfully unaware that she is 10 or that she has glaucoma, and regularly tries to eat food delivery men. If you let her, she’ll leap (and clear) a 6 foot privacy fence, and then spend the next hour or two running your ass all over the neighborhood (or farther if you fail to corral her). She still runs the backyard with the three year old dogs, and she gets excited when I come home. She’s never been one to sleep on the bed, but recently she’s taken to laying on the far end of the couch from me, or even jumping on the bed to wake me up sometimes. She’s a great guard dog, and while she was a menace and terror till about age 5, she’s turned into a great dog.

I know she can’t see out of her glaucoma eye very well. I’ve been calling her Cotton-Eye Joe, since the eye is all cloudy and white. Still, the prospect of my baby girl losing her eye is sad to me. I know it’s more economical than my buying the $200 worth of eye drops every month. (I have to get them from a people pharmacy, and she’s not qualified for my insurance… so… big expense.) I know it’s better for Kyrie too, because it won’t cause her pain anymore. BUT MY BABY IS GONNA BE A CYCLOPS! It’s just… sad.

I took her in to get blood work done today, and she goes in first thing tomorrow morning. She’ll be there all day, and then I’m taking tomorrow through Sunday off to be with her. After that, my mom is taking the week off for herself, but she’ll be on hand to pop over and check on Kyrie. So… it worked out pretty well. My mom also watches all these vet shows on TV, so she’s seen them to the eye enucleation, an assures me that she’ll be totally fine. I’m sure she will be, since I’ve known the vet since I was like 12. I worked at his veterinary facility as a bather for the groomer, actually. I just wish my baby wasn’t losing the eye.

Not only is this emotionally taxing, but it’s expensive. Yeah, it’ll save me money in the future, but it’s eating essentially my whole tax return… so, that’s a bummer. I could have used that money to get a little further out of debt. I feel like I’ve been working on it forever. I dunno what the money goes to (Chipotle and impulse video game purchases. Art supplies I didn’t need and books I’ve yet to read. I have an impulse control problem.)

Still, I’m getting 5 days off of work, even if the circumstance is shitty. I plan on lots of Kyrie cuddles, and maybe killing some video games I’ve been toying on. I might also get through some books I’ve been trying to read. I like the idea of time off without trying to do house renovations.

Today, trying to get ahead so I can be off, has been shit. I have contemplated homicide SEVERAL times. I dunno why when I try to get shit done everything always falls apart. Obscene.

Anyways… Expect picture of my one-eyed pup tomorrow. MY POOR BABY!!!

I guarantee I suffer more over this than she does… I tormented myself over her glaucoma for months, and I wasn’t even responsible… Now I’ll be kinda responsible for the lost eye, and Imma torture myself over it, I’m sure…


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