Just an update.

Quick Update:
Kyrie is doing well after her eye removal. She’s back to being irritating as hell, and I only cried over it for like three days. I did enjoy being home with her for five days, though. She’s been more interested in me than usual, I guess because I took care of her through this. She just really likes me more than she used to, now. I love that. Her stitches come out April 2nd, but I’m pretty sure she’s totally over all the pain. She looks like a Mad Max villain, though. Imma get her an eye patch.

We had a terrible blizzard here in Denver on Wednesday. I attempted to get to work, spun out A LOT, couldn’t get even halfway to work, and ended up going home. The end product was above my knee, but we burned off like half of it Thursday, and more today. We’re supposed to get more tonight… but hopefully not a lot. We’ll see.


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