Wizarding Houses

So, apparently JK Rowling has created a North American Wizarding School. It’s name is Ilvermorny. 

Let’s be clear: I am not now, nor have I ever been much of a Potterhead. I only read 3.5 books and watched all the movies through once. Still, I always wanted to go to motherfucking Hogwarts. I mean, what kid didn’t? If you didn’t want to go to Hogwarts and learn magic, you… I was gonna say you were the weird kid, but honestly the Potterhead kids are pretty odd to start with. It just seemed like an adventure. Also, I wanted to go to boarding school since I saw The Little Princess.

Yes, the movie is about her becoming an orphan indentured servant, but look at that bedroom! Also, my life as a kid, while not unhappy, was kinda lonely. I didn’t know many kids growing up and boarding school is FULL OF KIDS and learning. I liked those things, so I was the weird kid that wanted to go to boarding school.

Anyways. Hogwarts. Badass. More badass was the movie rendition of my beloved magical boarding school. I remember seeing that movie and my heart lighting up with want to go there. I didn’t wanna be Harry. I didn’t want to fight the forces of evil, really. I just wanted to go and learn whatever they would teach me, and grow up to be a powerful, cunning witch with all the potential in the universe before me.

Even before the quizzes for the sorting placement, I knew that I was Slytherin. It’s not that I thought I was evil, because Slytherins aren’t necessarily evil, but it’s that I related. I’m smart, smart as any Ravenclaw I’d wager, but where Ravenclaws are logical, I am cunning. It’s not the most logical answer that is always important, but the impact of the answer. I like the notion of being respected, even to the point of fear. I like being the smartest person in the room. I like people owing me so I can collect on favors later. I might be evil.

Eventually the Pottermore test told me what I already knew, and while not a Potterhead, I wore that label with pride. I was, admittedly, irritated when my friend, a supposed Ravenclaws, tested into Slytherin on Pottermore. I feel my pretentious attitude is just more Slytherin traits… But to me it just add up. Lol. I’ve since let it go.

To hear of new houses I could join was fascinating. It was, however, no surprise that I ended up in Horned Serpent.

I got snakes in my blood! Lol. 

I don’t know much about the new houses. I imagine I will learn more as the story they belong to takes relevance.

I just wanted to share.

Also… I got a promotion. Still working on getting into the actual office, but it’s going to happen sooner threat her than later. With that, I predict I will have a nervous breakdown later this year. But… I may be making bank money by then. So that would help.


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