So, I Got The Promotion… Kinda

So, I got a promotion. I’ll be moving into Finance.

This was made official on the 11th.

I haven’t moved into the position yet, because we can’t find a replacement for me in my old desk. Title clerks in Colorado are very hard to come by… and GOOD title clerks, even more so.

We thought we had a girl. She seemed really smart.
But she’s in the hospital, now. They think she has Lupus. My heart goes out to her. That’s a raw deal, man…

On top of that, one of our billers gave her notice over the weekend. That’s kind of fine, because she’s unpleasant as shit, anyways, but that’s going to put MORE strain on the office.

So… I’m stuck here, indefinitely… but my office has been promised to me, whenever I can actually move out there to use it… and learn finance… and hopefully be good at it.

The move is really important to me, because if I play it right, it could be a financial game changer for me. Finance people make an insane amount of money. It’s a commission job… and a commission job can rake in… $20k+ a month… if you’re really good at it… I currently make like… 3-4k a month, depending on how much overtime I can justify.

Anyways… that’s where I’m at… just waiting… in this insane limbo…


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