Pant-less Puppy Panic

Monday morning, I let all my doggos outside for like three minutes while I made up their breakfasts. This included Baby Frankie, even though I wasn’t outside to watch her, because it wasn’t going to be for long enough for her to get hurt or anything.

They came in, they ate, and when I let all the older dogs outside, Frankie didn’t go. She was in a corner being sad. My Baby Frankie was not putting weight on one of her back legs, and shaking violently. I saw this, and like the responsible mother I am, I reacted the only way I know how.

I ran out of my house, without pants, carrying my puppy, burst into my mom’s house, and broke into tears about there being something wrong with the puppy.
I am not great in emergency dog situations… I’m better with humans… cuz I care less.

Fortunately, my mom is good in most emergency situations and keeps her head much better than I do. Mom assessed the damage. Frankie didn’t cry when we moved her leg, and nothing was obviously broken, but Mom decided I should take her to the vet anyways. Unfortunately, they couldn’t get me in till 3pm, so… with a great deal of heartache, I had to put Frankie in her kennel and leave for work. It was awful. I hated it. I just wanted to be there with her and comfort her and not leave her ever.

I spent all day counting down to when I could get home and get Frankie to the vet. When I did get home HER FOOT WAS HUGE. Like, it was obvious something was wrong. So we went to the vet, and I did not cry, and they looked for bug bites or stings, or barbs in the foot. When nothing was found they took an xray.

Puppy xrays are hard to assess, or so it has been explained to me. You see, puppies don’t have definite bones, since they’re still growing, so what you have are underdeveloped bones and growth plates. Unless something is super obviously wrong it’s easy to mistake the ever changing growth plate as a problem. That being said, it was quite obvious that something was up with Frankie’s foot. My vet assessed she either fractured two toes, or dislocated two toes. He sent the xrays out to an orthopedic radiologist, who stated she actually has a fractured growth plate. It’s the result of one of the bigger dogs probably stepping on her foot. At her size, the treatment is the same for all these things, though. He splinted her foot, and we just have to wait for it to heal. It will either heal perfect or it won’t, but either way it shouldn’t cause her any problems later in life.


It was a long day, and she did not have fun at the vet, but he splinted her up good and I took her home… where I took tons of pictures of my sad tiny puppy… because OMG SHE IS SO SAD AND TINY! Also, I had this baby toy someone gave me that is an octopus with baby socks on it. I yanked one off and put it over the splint so she wouldn’t chew on it. It’s adorable.

I’m glad to say that in the days following, she has bounced back incredibly well. She was back to trying to eat my face the next morning, and has become feistier and feistier as the week has progressed. This morning we had to play hide and seek and tug the rope because she’s SO FULL OF ENERGY.

She’s using the leg a lot of the time, mostly she’s playing inside. I’m glad for that, since she’ll be in a splint for 3-4 weeks. I didn’t want her leg to atrophy. I still might have to make her swim in the tub, but that’s okay. I kind of want to anyways… SHE IS SO SMALL.

She goes back to the vet on Saturday to change the splint. I guess I have to do that like once a week till it comes off…. So that sucks… but at least she’s okay. And adorable.