He’s The Best

Chris is the best.

Last night, amidst my emotional typhoon of panic and sadness, Chris came over, like I asked him to. Addi went to Greeley for trick or treating with her mom, since Chris worked late, so he was all mine.

He showed up with two cans of coke, a chocolate bundt cake, and my present. He got me Mario Party, Mario Party 2, and a Beetle Racing game all for N64… because I LOVE N64. Not only that, but he said there’s still a book on the way, too. It was super sweet.

Since I felt weird we didn’t do very much. We watched some YouTube, then went upstairs and put on The Cell, cuz Chris hasn’t seen it. I… fell asleep. But he didn’t mind. He shut everything off and it was cool.

Int he morning I apologized for falling asleep… but Chris likes doing nothing with me. And I love that.

Anyways… it was a lovely evening… and now I have to move the gaming consoles upstairs so I can kick his ass at N64 games. Lol.