2016 Intentions

I’m not doing resolutions this year, but I have some things I’m going to do in 2016… they’re intentions. I might manage them, I might not.
So, in no particular order….

  • Veganuary
    • It’s good for your cholesterol
  • Take up hiking
    • Still not excited about it… still gonna do it
  • Morning affirmations
    • I have always thoughts that talking to yourself in a mirror is stupid, but I’m gonna try it anyways
      • It’s not like it can hurt, right?
  • Weight management
    • Maybe not loss… I mean, that’s the end-goal, but I’m just gonna try to eat well and not GAIN weight
    • Veganuary is gonna be full of carbs!!!
  • Sell some art
    • Just suck it up and try
  • Draw the same thing everyday
    • I took submissions for the subject matter for this project, and I think the winner was a circle
      • So I draw a circle and then either draw something in or around it, or turn it into a face or pokemon or an eye, etc.
  • Do shit just because it makes me happy
    • Somehow I lost track of the me that went out and did whatever I liked doing, even if there was no one to do it with me

So that’s the list.

In unrelated news, I’ve been talking to a seemingly nice guy. He really made my whole evening last night when we were talking about hiking. I mentioned that I wanted to start hiking, but how I can’t be in direct sunlight, and he suggested that I just wear a long sleeve cotton shirt and get a big hat… and I, being me, went, “Like an Audrey Hepburn hat?” And he goes, “YEAH! I think you could really pull that off, too!

So… picture me hiking like…


It might really real go down that way… Lol.