Upcoming Remakes/Reboots

My thoughts on some of the upcoming remakes/reboots coming soon, according to IMDB.

  • Pet Cemetery
    • more King book needed bigger budgets when they got made to movies, so here’s hoping this gets some
  • The Crow
    • why? o rite, bcuz Jason Momoa is a god sent to earth
  • The Orphanage
    • liked the original, but hesitant on the remake
  • American Werewolf in London
    • obvi reasons if you know me

      • #allthehorror
  • Drop Dead Fred
    • plz don’t fuck it up… it’s a favorite
  • NeverEnding Story
    • hella stoked… bcuz… duh…. but I want the WHOLE book
  • Akira
    • i can’t be mad about anime reboots till after they happen
  • American Psycho
    • can they really do better than Christian Bale?
  • The Birds
    • LEAVE ALFRED’S WORK ALONE. IT IS PERFECT but I’ll still watch it
  • Creature from the Black Lagoon
    • a bigger budget could go a long way for this classic
  • Escape from New York
    • if it were any director except Robert Rodriguez, I’d be hella pissed, but I’m mostly just intrigued
  • Heavy Metal
    • doesn’t need a reboot, but I’ll watch it
  • Highlander
  • Little Shop of Horrors
    • Hella fucking mad… you can’t improve on that
  • Romancing the Stone
  • Scarface
    • Sure… I’ll see that
  • Videodrome
    • ha
    • good luck trying to get anyone except me to see that
  • Weird Science
    • not to be all sjw about this or anything, but outside of the 80s the premise of this movie is terrible
  • Gremlins 3
    • stop… just stop…
  • Logan’s Run
    • intrigued, as it’s one of my favorites, ever, but there’s a lot of room for disappointment… so…
  • Suspiria
    • I’ll watch it, but I bet it’s terrible…
    • the first one was already a little too high brow of a horror movie for most people to understand
    • long live the original
  • 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
    • is it original? no, but it could be fun, and i’m here for fun
  • Voltron
    • Netflix already rebooted a Voltron series didn’t they?
    • i’m not opposed… tbh… i’ll see it
  • The Thin Man
    • how the fuck does on update a PI movie from the 30s without ruining what us fans loved about it?
  • Perry Mason
    • not thrilled about it, but i’ll give it a chance bcuz Robert Downey Jr is gonna be Perry Mason
  • Angel Heart
    • this movie was already weird and lots of people didn’t get it
    • will this be more or less true to the book?
    • i’m not really happy about this but i wanna see it
  • Battle Royale
    • assuming this isn’t a Japanese remake of their own movie
    • i mean, i like watching kids fight to the death…
    • unsure
  • Fire Starter
    • again, more King books-turned-film really needed larger budgets… so if it gets one i’ll be interested to see it
  • Hellraiser
    • it’s the same guy playing Pinhead… so that’s kinda neat…
    • i will see it because horror
  • Spawn
    • it’s Spawn… yes i will see this
  • Leatherface
    • i can’t resist a good Texas Chainsaw remake
    • or a bad one, for that matter…
    • bring it on
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street
    • they just can’t recreate Robert Englund’s character…
    • but i’ll probably see it because Freddy is everything
  • The Craft
    • high school goth me has to see this, because it’s who we aspired to be, and never were because we weren’t that cool
  • Big Trouble in Little China
    • i wanna be mad, but The Rock is gonna be in it
    • i like a good ridiculous action movie
    • i’m more in than i’d like to admit
  • The Blob
    • a classic
    • you can’t really fuck it up
    • the first was so bad
    • kinda excited tbh
  • Charlie’s Angels
    • i mean… fine…
  • Clue: Presentation Short
    • you can’t replace TIm Curry and i’m continually insulted whenever they remake or reboot something he did on principle alone
  • Dungeons & Dragons
    • never saw the first one
    • will see this one
    • because dragons
  • Flash Gordon
    • i mean… i have to…
  • The Grudge
    • Ju-on = great Jap horror
    • The Grudge = honestly, a fun American remake
    • 2019 The Grudge?
      • i mean we’ll see

Life & The Year Of Content

I made a hard decision, and I ghosted D2.

It’s not an easy thing to decide to cut someone out of your life, but I couldn’t deal with our one-sided friendship. Things were always about him. We were always at his house. We hung out with his friends if we did go out. We talked about HIS illness, HIS treatment, HIS problems. I guess I thought that eventually the newness of his diagnosis would wear off and we could just be people who were friends. It just never happened. His newest relapse and hospital stay proved this. He’s not where I am and he’s not going to be there any time soon. So, for my own mental health, I cut him out.

I feel like this is the part where I’m supposed to say that I miss him, or that things have been harder without him, or something… but just the opposite is true. I’ve been happier, and I’ve even been doing things with other people. It’s like a weight has been lifted, and maybe it has.

I’d mentioned learning to play D&D last entry, and I’m still working on that. It only took me a year to do it… if you ca believe I’ve been thinking of learning since last year. Cat had me, her friend Haley, and my friend Bren over to play my little game. It was only supposed to last a couple of hours, but apparently I overdid my little game, and it went on for six hours and we still aren’t done. I still don’t have all the nuances of the rules down, and I think I’m not making the characters do things exactly right, but we’re having fun. If there’s a question of if someone can do a thing, and I don’t know the technical rule, I just make them roll against me for it. I hope to get better at actual rules later… but I might switch to Pathfinder rules… D&D has really technical rules… maybe Pathfinder is a little easier? (I don’t know… tell me if you know.)

Last week D1 was in town! I saw him for an evening at Heidi’s place. It’s good to see him. He looks great. He’s happy. He’s all around doing good shit with his life and enjoying it. We heard a little more about the Rabbi, which was neat, and I really enjoyed seeing him. Also, Heidi invited me over every Thursday to watch Supernatural. So… unexpected win.

I’ve known Heidi since high school. We were never really FRIENDS, but we were never really NOT FRIENDS either. We just kind of knew each other and never hung out without other people around for social lubricant. That’s weird, because Heidi and I have always been kind of similar. We’re both introverted nerds who like people but often hole up and don’t see anyone because we’re hermity. Being invited over for the new season of Supernatural is really cool, and I like Heidi, so I’m excited to have a weekly thing. Also, it’s not on a Friday or Saturday, so that still leaves weekends open! She also lent me a book, so I gave her one back. I dunno how long this will last, but I’m excited to do a thing with someone.

I also went to my first book club meeting on Monday. My friend Evan has been badgering me to come to his book club, because he is a rather hermity, socially awkward human being, and he goes to socialize and read books he otherwise would not. I don’t really like reading books I otherwise wouldn’t, but they read a book that was already on my reading list, so I read it and showed up. I nearly had a panic attack walking in the door, but I honestly had a good time. I’m gonna read the next book and go again, I think. Would I like it more if all the books were scifi and horror? Yes, but this is a start, and maybe I can find another book club later, or even start one of my own. In general, I’m proud to have done a thing.

This weekend, I’m to hang with Bird, try to finish my costume for Halloween, and be a person. I’m feeling pretty good about myself, and I’m pretty happy. I hate to say that this is because I dropped D2, but it might be. I don’t have someone reminding me I’m crazy, that at any second I could spin out into a manic episode, or spiral into a depression. I’m just a person, living and doing stuff. It’s a nice feeling.

I turn 29 in a couple of weeks. I don’t like my birthday, but it’s how I gauge a year. Nothing happened this year. I started by having a breakdown about how at 28 I wasn’t married, had no kids, and no prospects for starting a family. I’ve done that for three years in a row. I don’t wanna do it this year. I started this year in that state of mind and everything went so horrendously anyways, between the election, and mothership getting pneumonia, and just… it was a bad year for me.

This year, I’m dubbing the YEAR OF CONTENT. It’s a term I’m blatantly stealing from one of my favorite YouTubers, Caitlyn Doughty of Ask a Mortician. She dedicated herself to a certain number of videos a week this year, and she’s kept to it. My year of content will be similar, in that I was to do at least two social things a week. It’s going to be hard… I’m not social… but I think it will be good for me, and maybe I’ll meet some people. I might join a gym. That’s a pretty easy social activity, but I hate the gym and it makes me wanna die… so maybe not. I’d like to be more healthy, but more than that I would just like to be happier. If the gym doesn’t make me happy, it probably isn’t my best choice.

Anyways… I’ll be starting that next week, although I should be able to hit my goal this week, too, since I went to book club Monday and I’m to see Heidi Thursday, and even Bird this weekend… So much social.

For accountability reasons, I’ll also be posting at least once a week to check in on if I did my two social activities… ^_^

And… yeah.

D2, D1, and D&D

D2 is out of the hospital.

I guess it was a productive visit, but he’s totally ruined his friendships with his little group from work. I wanna say I feel bad for him, but this is exactly where he was last year. The only difference is that he’d ruined his friendship with his roommate instead. They upgraded his diagnosis to BP1 and put him on Lithium. I hope it helps, but I still don’t feel any sympathy for it.

I don’t give myself permission to be sick. I don’t have the ability to spend three days in a psych ward and then take extended time off work to get myself together. I have to spread my crazy out over having mini breakdowns at home after work on my own god damn time. I just don’t understand people who can allow themselves to lose it… I can’t do that. I can’t live on disability. I can’t embarrass my family by going into a care facility. Maybe that’s a problem with me and how I’ve been trained to treat my mental illness, in the sense that I don’t allow myself to treat it like a real illness. It’s a thing, I deal with it, and I don’t let it effect my professional life even if it tears my personal life apart. (To be clear we don’t treat actual illness like illness either…. unless physically unable to, we still get up, go to work, and get through the flu or pneumonia or whatever on our own time.)

My foul mood doesn’t really end there. Yesterday I found out D1 is dating a rabbi, and that’s super cool, but it reminded me that I haven’t found anyone to even pretend I wanna go on a date with. So… I deleted my dating profile. As much as I love filling My Tumblr Blog with the stupid shit men like to send to me, it’s kind of depressing that I can’t even find a nice boy to go to dinner with. I’d pay for myself, btw… ain’t no freeloader looking for a free meal.

In my absence of a love life, or even a social life, I’m learning to play D&D, and even how to DM… because I have the time. I’m actually really excited. Cat, from work, said she’ll play with me, and we have some other people who might join later, too! I am looking forward to it… It’s definitely not easy to learn, though. There’s a lot of information to synthesize before creating a module, or even just a character.

So… that’s what’s going on in my life right now… not a lot, but I’m staying busy.

I Need To Make Myself Busy

I successfully did nothing with my weekend… which is sometimes good, but this time felt like depression. That scares me, because I JUST pulled myself out of my depression. It’s far too early to go back; I don’t know that I’d survive going back this soon.

I’m hoping maybe it’s just because the weather is whack. In Colorado, you see, September weather can be in the 90s (record high 100* in 1990), or the teens (record low 14* in 1985). As a result, the days can be really weird. We’ve been starting mornings in the low 50s and then by 3pm they’re in the mid 70s. That’s a big temp jump. Not only does it make trying to dress for the day totally ridiculous, but it confuses nature. Plants try to bloom and die in the same day. My dogs are cold at night, but also trying to blow their coats during the day. I feel like it super effects my allergies, as well, since everything bounces between life and death. I have fall allergies anyways… Allergic to death.

Because the weather has been weird and the sun comes up later it’s just nice to stay in bed, or at least that’s what I tell myself. In reality, laying in bed hurts my back, my neck, and generally my being. Sitting in my chair in the living room also hurts my being. I need a new chair, but more than that I need to move around and be active and do things. I’m not doing myself any favors, and it’s not like my time spent in bed is ACTUALLY spent reading… I just sleep a lot.

This weekend, I need to make a to-do list and actually do it. I have work in the backyard to do, even though I hate the backyard. I have work in the house to do, even though I hate chores. There’s PLENTY to do. Also, I need to socialize with SOMEONE.

If I’m honest, that last bit is the hardest. I’d LIKE to socialize, but I don’t actually want to socialize with anyone I know. They all make me tired.

To start, I’m still kind of mad at D2. I think I already touched on this, but in a quick rehash, here’s why. I’ve been depressed for… ever. This time last year my depression brought me D2, and we started watching AHS together on Friday nights. It was good for me, because I got out of the house and did some minimal socializing. This went on for months, and it was nice to have a friend, but then my depression got worse and I started making up reasons I couldn’t come over. We were out of things to watch anyways. So I pulled away, holed up in my house, and generally spent a lot of time thinking about why I couldn’t kill myself, even though everything was worthless and life meant nothing. It was a dark time for me. D2 didn’t seem to notice. BUT his friend from work goes on a bad trip, decides she’s in love with her best friend, he doesn’t reciprocate, and she spirals out and he literally goes to her house to check on her after like a week of unusual behavior. Just a week… I’m glad she’s okay, don’t get me wrong… but where was he when I was sad? He was the only person I saw or spoke to for months, but he doesn’t notice when I withdraw and hole up? Is it because mine was more gradual? Is it because he didn’t care? I don’t know, but I resent it. When I needed a friend, I had no one. That’s a hard place to be.

Bird has been depressed. I love Bird, but she’s one of those people who won’t be her own advocate and get some help. I tried being there for her for a long, long time, but honestly she just drug me down. It’s unfortunate that I’m not stable enough to be the solid ground she needs, but that’s reality. I have a hard enough time keeping myself afloat and I have actively sought help. I can’t be responsible for other people. It’s better to be selfish than to self-destruct for someone else.

And… that’s the end of people I active socialize with… ever.

I could use some new friends… but I’m not good at meeting people, as we well know.

Recently I’ve wanted to get into RPGs, like D&D or Pathfinder. I always shied away from groups of nerds that play because they were previously kind of mean to me, since I don’t know how to play. I’m turning 29 this year, though… and I think I’m bitter enough to tell them to eat shit if they give me a hard time. I’ve been thinking of trying to find an RPG group on MeetUp, but I haven’t gotten my ass in gear and done it yet.

Also on the list of things I have talked about but haven’t done include looking into the new gym by my house and seeing how much individual classes at the community college are so I can put in some Gen Ed credits while I decide what I might wanna go back to college for. I’ve considered accounting, because being a CPA could be helpful, but I hate accounting. I’ve considered business management, but I don’t really know what that means. I just know I want a BA. I think that would really be useful to me. But in what?

Lastly on what I’m gonna rant about today is that I finally thought of an art project to work on. I’ve been out of my slump for like a month, but I haven’t felt creative. Now, I have an idea… but I’m at work… this full time job thing really gets in the way of being an artsy, free-spirited hippie person. But at least I have the idea. It’s a comic book I was once working on… and I think I have a better concept of it now. I think I’ll try to start character work when I get home tonight.


Building a Dungeon & Feeling Wiped Out

I didn’t manage to get either of my podcasts done this weekend.
Life just didn’t have that in the cards for me, I guess.

I didn’t have a bad weekend. I just feel… drained AF.

Friday night I drove up to Robot Boy’s place. He wanted to take me out for sushi, but there was some kind of vague family emergency that TO ME and the small amount of information I gleaned from him, boiled down to “he loaned money to a fiscally irresponsible relative, because he’s nice like that.” Maybe there’s more to it, I dunno, I didn’t pry. So, he couldn’t afford to take me to sushi or go out. It’s fine, though, cuz we went to a Mexican joint instead. I paid for dinner while he paid for drinks, and it was a nice meal regardless. Then we went back to his place and watched some Netflix, with no chill.

We also watched YouTube, because he wanted to show me HarmonQuest. This is a show where Dan Harmon (writer for Rick & Morty, Community, and Monster House) got some people together and played Dungeons and Dragons… And you watch them, and they animate the adventure, too… and it’s a good time. I actually really liked it and killed the whole season the next day. It also made me want to play D&D, or a variation thereof.

Fortunately for me, I have some geeky friends. I went to see Bren on Saturday. His kid was sick, but I brought some girl beer and bought us dinner. We tried to play one of his more complicated board games, but got side-lined by the kid in a weird state of consciousness. So, instead we just hung out and discussed MAYBE playing an RPG. He’d love to play! He wanted to start a Pathfinder game at his place. He just doesn’t want to DM.

Oddly enough, in my many vast and varied adventures in dating mega-geeks, I have been interested in pen-and-paper RPGs before… and subsequently already had a couple of books. The thing is that, like many things I gather for love of the idea, no one ever wanted to play with me. So I’ve had two books sitting in my basement since I was 21 that I haven’t ever used. They are World of Darkness and WoD: Asylum. A Horror RPG is really more up my alley than a Fantasy one. I am, admittedly, not great at being a half-orc…

I got home from Bren’s and proceeded to sleep from 8pm to 8am… which is weird for me, but I haven’t felt great, recently… Sunday I watched more HarmonQuest and got to thinking. It would be fun to do something new and I could maybe Skype in my friend that moved away so we can hang out. So, I dug out my books and flipped through them, a “dungeon” forming in my head, and that’s when I realized that I don’t know how to write an RPG dungeon. I really don’t.

When my ex used to make one for his D&D group, he used graph paper and stuff… but he never even helped me make a character, much less explain how to build a dungeon. Robot Boy helped me make a character, but he used a stat generator to randomize my character and I just got to build the personality. So I did what any modern curious human would do… I googled that shit.

Lots of poking around the internet and I ordered some helper books. Bren also sent me a neat website that will help you build a dungeon. While it’s designed for a pretty classic fantasy dungeon, it does come with a scifi ship layout, and I bet I could use it and some graph paper to help me map out my own Asylum Dungeon…

So all that happened… and, I’m fucking tired today.
We have auditors, but at least they aren’t the malicious ones.
My head hurts and I seem to be having an allergic reaction to SOMETHING… which is new, cuz I never had allergies before…
I just want to go home and sleep more… but I told mom we should hit the gym after work.I weighed myself today… and I’m definitely at the heaviest I’ve ever been…
I’m nervous about it. I want to do better, but I’m not good at diet or exercise… but I’m going to try. For lunch this week I am bringing steamed veggies, and I am trying to hit the gym, and my big thing is I’m not buying soda anymore (I have a 2 liter of Fanta to finish up at home, but I’m not buying more).

Lots of stuff is happening… It’s all exhausting.