Bad Week

Orlando (and the world) is having a bad week.

Friday, a man shot and killed Christina Grimmie, a former competitor on The Voice, and a YouTuber. As far as I can tell from the news articles, the police still have no idea why the killer opened fire on Grimmie while she was signing autographs or why he then shot and killed himself.

A man gunned down 49 people in an Orlando gay club called Pulse early Sunday morning. That evening, my gay friend and I went out to a concert (She Wants Revenge had a 10 year anniversary tour for their first album). We talked about it on the way there. He had cried a number of times that day, and who could blame him for that? We still managed to go out and have a good time. They were patting people down at the door. That hasn’t happened to me in a long time, but it did help me feel safer. It’s the biggest mass shooting in the United States. It will be a thing to be remembered, but I’m not sure that it will change anything. The motive seems to have been that the shooter was a radical religious person, and gay people offended him.

Tuesday night, in spite of posted signs telling visitors NOT TO SWIM in a man-made lagoon on a Disney Resort, some parents let their 2 year old wade into about a foot of water, and a gator came up and snagged him. His body was recovered Wednesday afternoon. The gator seems to have drown him, but had no interest in eating him… like many gator and shark attacks. (People taste weird.) I grew up in Florida. Any body of water could harbor gators, snakes, or both… sometimes even something worse. Signs are posted for a reason. They’re still trying to identify if they’ve caught the gator that dragged the kid away. I imagine they’re looking to kill it… as humans tend to do to animals that attack or kill one of our own… it’s not a stance I agree with.

The gator incident comes in the wake of the recent gorilla incident at the Cincinnati Zoo at the end of May. A 3 year old slipped into the gorilla enclosure, fell 10 feet, then got dragged off by a silver-back gorilla named Harambe. The zoo keepers acted quickly and Harambe was shot dead. Many were in an uproar over the death of the gorilla, and I agree with them, but they forget that there is a hierarchy of life… At the end of the day, a 3 year old human boy’s life is still worth more to society than a rare gorilla. A petition seeking justice for Harambe was started and gained over 500,000 signatures as of today. The petition calls for legal action against the boy’s parents, as their negligence resulted in the murder of a rare and endangered animal. The Cincinnati Zoo states they would make the same decision if they had to do it all over again.

Also… it’s looking like the presidential election is going to be down to Clinton vs Trump…. and I’m not really into either of those options. I’m not really into Bernie, either, but of the three I’d take him over the other two. Remember when we used to laugh people like him out of government offices? No? Me either… America is insane.

Nothing particularly new or interesting in my life… just general terror at the state of the world. So…